Qualifying for Coverage

There are big differences in these two policies in terms of who can qualify. With Kemper,Dog t-shirts are a great way you won't be required to answer any health questions or participate in a phone interview - anyone between the ages of 40 and 80 can qualify. There is also no difference in premiums for smokers and non-smokers. This makes this a great plan for people who can't qualify for other insurance plans for health reasons. Kemper also guarantees a level premium, so your payment amounts will never increase.

Although there is no phone interview with Monumental, you will have to answer health questions and some health conditions can disqualify you from getting coverage.hyneer Even though everyone may not qualify for this policy, it has been known to be a great option for people with COPD or for insulin dependent diabetics. Monumental also offers a rider that can provide coverage for your children or grandchildren - an option that Kemper doesn't provide.

Coverage and Benefits

Because of the qualification differences, the benefits of these policies also differ. Monumental offers benefit amounts between $1,000 and $50,000, while Kemper only offers $5,000 to $25,000. Monumental will also cover ages 0-85 while Kemper only covers ages 40-80.

You can also choose between a level and graded policy with Monumental.Grammar and Style A level policy means that your benefit amount never changes, while a graded policy means that your beneficiaries won't get the full benefit unless you've had the policy for a specific number of years, in this case 2 years. With Monumental, your beneficiaries will receive 110% percent of the premiums you've already paid if you pass away within the first 2 years; if you do not pass away within the first 2 years, your family will receive the full benefit when you pass away.jkstellacactus Kemper does not offer a level policy at all, and their graded policy is similar to Monumental's; your beneficiaries will receive 120% of your paid premiums if you pass away within the first two years.


Monumental Solutions Final Expense policy offers more options, allowing you to customize your plan to your needs, if you can qualify. Although Kemper's Guaranteed Issue Whole Life policy isn't quite as customizable, you're guaranteed coverage if you're 40-80 years old,Articles de cette page making it the best option if you can't qualify for other plans for health reasons.


Basic cleaning

Concrete is inexpensive, hard wearing and easy to maintain,Your last task will be to physically making it a practical flooring option. However, if completely neglected concrete flooring can become very unclean, can become a host to mold and mildew, and begin to look very unattractive. Read on to find out how best to clean your concrete floor and keep it looking good.

Cleaning tools

The best cleaning tools for cleaning interior concrete floors include a synthetic-bristled broom, a mop, mild cleansing liquid, and large old cotton towels.Never Stop LearningFor exterior concrete make sure you have a synthetic-bristled broom, mild cleansing liquid, and a hose pipe at hand. If your flooring has stains, then have some bleach and dry laundry detergent at hand.

Basic cleaning

For basic cleaning of your concrete floor first take the synthetic-bristled broom and use it to gently scrub the floor, in order to dislodge any dust or debris trapped on the surface of the concrete. If you are working on an exterior floor,ensure your chickens such as concrete driveways, your next step should be to hose down the entire floor surface area, to remove dust and debris and general dirt. You can wash the floor with some mild cleaning liquid if you wish, by pouring a mix of water and mild cleaning liquid onto the floor and gently scrubbing with the broom. Once finished, flush the area down with the hose again. Skip this step if working on an interior floor area. For interior flooring,hyacinthy use a mop with mild cleaning liquid instead. Mop the entire area until completely clean and then dry the floor with large old cotton towels (it is best to use cotton towels, as synthetic towels can scratch the surface of concrete).

Stain removal

For stains on exterior concrete flooring, you can apply diluted bleach. Pour the diluted mixture onto the stain and leave it for several minutes. After some minutes are up, pour hot water onto the stain and scrub with a synthetic-bristled brush. Continue repeating this method until the stain is removed. For interior stains, use a dry laundry detergent on the stain and leave to sit for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, scrub the stained area with hot water and a synthetic-bristled brush.keep his cool and relax Repeat until the stain is removed.

Seal treatment

In order to preserve your concrete floor, make sure that you use a floor sealing treatment every one to three years. A floor seal treatment will protect the concrete from wear and tear and from environmental factors that remove concrete perfection. Untreated floors can become prone to moisture damage, which can result in mold and mildew forming.


The Weekly Driver Review by James Raia

Just inside the guard gate, the world renowned 17-Mile Drive in Carmel,haw Calif., begins with a primarily downhill and often winding two-lane road to Pebble Beach Golf Links. The tree-lined route features lavish, oceanfront homes and a predominately forest-like setting along California's central coast.

It's a perfect several-mile locale for drivers who like to shift through gears.superfine And it's not-so-surprisingly pleasant while doing so in the 2005 Honda Accord.

With its V6, six-speed manual transmission offering, the exceedingly popular model crosses categories. The Accord is listed as a midsize vehicle and it's often compared to the Chevrolet Malibu, Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry.

But the 24-valve, 3.0-liter, 240-horsepower coupe is just as much sports car as it is anything else. And it provides one more reason why the Accord - in its more than 25 varieties - is among the most popular and most often best-buy categorized vehicles on the road.

During my weeklong test drive, I drove the Accord Coupe round-trip from Sacramento to the Monterey Peninsula.orangepee The interstate portion of the journey included about 400 miles. I drove the aforementioned section of the 17-Mile Drive six times round-trip on clear, blue sky days and in heavy rain. It made little difference.

In all driving conditions, the Accord Coupe performed with confidence. Steering and handling is responsive and poised. Lane changes are smooth. While not as quick as other vehicles categorized as sports cars, the Accord Coupe accelerates well and finds its ways through gears more than adequately. Its 17-inch wheels further add to the tight road feel. The Accord's ride is also adequately quiet.

Like all Hondas, the Accord Coupe's interior is designed in a straightforward manner. Gauges and all instrumentation are clean and used simply.lower The navigation system is likewise efficient and easy to learn.

Despite its coupe status, front-seat passengers have comfortable leg, body and head room. Back seat passengers (two fit comfortably) have easy access. Side rear-view vision is slightly impeded by headrests and side pillars. The driver's seat, while comfortable for a six-foot, 185-pound driver, is void of the superior seat cushioning of high-end vehicles.

Standard interior features are plentiful: leather-trimmed seats, AM/FM, six-disc CD with six speakers, XM satellite radio, heated front seats, power window and door locks, illuminated visor vanity mirrors, cruise control, exterior temperature gauge, sunglass holder and well- positioned armrests and storage compartments.

Finding fault with the Accord is difficult, but cargo room could be better, and average city mileage numbers aren't special. Yet, the Honda Accord has built its reputation through the years for good reasons. It does everything well, and offers reliability and great resale value.

Whether a buyer opts for the base LX four-door, four-cylinder sedan, the EX V6 four-door sedan or the EX, V6 coupe,answers the sportiest model of all, it's hard to improve upon the Accord or find any vehicle with more to offer for the price.


question is answered

This is a question all world leaders should be asked and we should know what that answer is. So much of our life depends on how that question is answered and how we answer that question for ourselves.

Consider this, as much as we have evolved as a human race we still struggle to understand that war cannot bring peace. War at best can only boast the suppression of an unwanted voice. What it does not boast is the seeds of transgressions it places into the future of humanity. It is in this light that we will see the unrest that shakes our planet; you may say 'why should I care what goes on somewhere else' without realising that crimes against any living thing affects this universe.

We have tried war, but yet it hasn't ended suffering. It doesn't matter how dynamic our weapons become someone will always find a way to build a bigger gun. We haven't figured out that peace is not based on one person or one nation getting its own way, but on nations showing that despite their differences they can come up with ways that encourages peace for everyone. That is the leadership that is required to bring peace.

However even at the highest levels of government in most countries they are divided amongst party lines not realising that having half of a nation on your side still leaves you with half a nation whom you have no influence.


The challenge we face is upon us all, but especially those that lead our nations. They face the challenge of building economic and social stability in their lands, not an easy tasks these days with they're being so many dividing lines. Divided by culture, race, religion, financial, social, gender and economic lines. There are so many dividing lines its hard to keep up.

However it is time to stand with our leaders and encourage them to extend the hand of peace to those that oppose them and do what is necessary to remove the dividing lines. It's time to ask our leaders and governments what they actually believe and wait to see what their actions are. It's the responsibility of all humans to understand the reasons why we go to war with another country.

Many of today's wars are in a fight for the earth's resources that can bring financial wealth. In fact many nations today have been living off the resources from other countries through acts of war and today's challenges are shouting at us that this cannot continue. If we need the resources from other countries we should be willing to pay without trying to monopolise it.

The challenge our leaders of today have is the need to begin to lift the awareness of its people to their own resourcefulness as well as removing the lines that divide them and increase conflict. It is time that we looked within as people, as nations, as a part of the human race and take responsibility for our world and by increasing our awareness. Not only will this individual be made aware of their own resources within, but through its success, the nation that does this, will lift other nations who will eventually look to them having exhausted every other impossibility for peace.

Lets face it everyone wants peace, we just struggle to understand what that may require of us; yet until we lift our awareness of who we are and how resourceful we can be we will always look on the outside of us and believe that peace is held in something else.

Our leaders face many great challenges; lets support them lifting our awareness and remove our own dividing lines. Recommended articles:等青花的時候などの靑と白の時我的老媽私のお母さん老爸的肩膀


Waste of time and who

A mature, probably from the discovery of precious time. Began to cherish every yukooty的部落格fleeting morning. Hang around to wait and see a tree and flowers but do not indulge, because we know that they still have more important things to do. Hurried footsteps tread twilight fatigue returned saw one place Qiyan Petals, only nonstop sadly passing quietly shelved mind share romantic soft.

The naked material times, over and over bustling beauty, such as forest, shuttle which often people get confused vagrancy, can not wait and know what to我的美麗style do. The thing that strikes the ear time rolling, the dream has disappeared. I'm busy, I did not empty our sincere confession.

However, they found a man one day. Since then, everything has changed.

That is how a kind of inexplicable and unpredictable forces, every inch of the air seems to have blossomed in the eyes touch each other at the moment. An enchanted fragrance blowing hypnosis, people.

Any time there empty, as long as it is with you. Shopping, eating, shopping, hospital, cycling aimlessly, sitting in the the June garden pebbles trails, lots to talk about nonsense. Each respectively, standing in the alleys of the late-night pedestrian sparse, delay delay until watched you bitingbeecm 的網誌back and disappeared around the corner, only to slowly turn around.

When did you start to become a person often looked up at the night sky? In the hustle and bustle of the crowd, you had to take my hand gently, quietly said to me, last night on the balcony gazing the stars the moon, you think I. In each day and night, every minute of the loss of the gap, and with India under the mark locations, each song beecm 春天裡 music roundabout when ear. Wake up on a winter morning, cold light shines in the face, tears soaked hairline, find yourself smiling a silent cry.


Breast cancer should be prevented

Breast cancer should be prevented by early treatment for
In October, " the world is breast cancer awareness month ", the third Friday of October as " anti breast cancer care day ". People with cancer awareness enhancement,reishi to love the breast for the mission of the " Pink Ribbon Campaign " has attracted more and more attention. Tumour Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University breast surgery professor Shen Zhenzhou remind women, breast cancer awareness should pay attention to.
Breast cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors. According to the Shanghai municipal disease prevention and control center statistics, breast cancer in our country the peak age of onset is generally between 45~55 years of age, age of onset earlier than western women.
Early detection of high cure rate
Breast mass in breast cancer is the most common symptoms, about more than 90% of patients with the symptoms to the hospital. Few of these patients will be papillary bleeding, papillary erosion, axillary lymph nodes and other symptoms.
Tumour Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University breast surgery professor Shen Zhenzhou told reporters, " the absence of clinically palpable tumor patients, has been found in breast cancer is increasing in our hospital, this proportion has reached 15%. This tumor is found very early, treatment effect is very good. "
Early prevention, early detection, early treatment will greatly improve the cure rate of breast cancer. Female friend should actively participate in the screening and early detection of breast disease. With the development of medical technology development, B ultrasound examination and breast molybdenum target radiography is now the mainstream examination method. B ultrasound examination is performed as a routine examination and reexamination of the principal means, young female breast structure is more compact, B ultrasound examination has the advantage of being able to more clearly found that dense and difficult to find because of glands small masses, nodules, and the resolution is cystic or substantive mass. Breast molybdenum target radiography is a mature high-end imaging methods, the general could be detected in 85% to 90% of breast cancer.
The first standardized treatment is the key
Once they are diagnosed with breast cancer, the first standardized treatment is the key. Professor Shen Zhenzhou said, the success or failure of initial therapy, in relation to future therapeutic effect and survival. Professor Shen Zhenzhou says frankly, some patients in the first operation, the treatment is not standardized, or treatment is not thorough, a malignant tumor cells in wound contamination, can easily lead to disease recurrence or metastasis to other sites, on subsequent treatment increases the difficulty.
According to Professor Shen Zhenzhou, breast cancer should adopt a " comprehensive treatment" approach to the treatment of. " Clinical stage Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲperiod period and part of the patient, mainly by operation treatment. " Professor Shen Zhenzhou said, " operation before and after treatment according to the patient's specific circumstances to consider the need for chemotherapy, radiotherapy, endocrine therapy, adjuvant therapy. "
Lobular hyperplasia is not a malignant tumor
Breast lobular hyperplasia is a common female diseases of. With lobular hyperplasia of female breast is often accompanied by pain, tingling, unilateral or bilateral breast have single or multiple mass, also has manifested as nipple pain or pruritus. Then, lobular hyperplasia of mammary gland and breast, would become malignant tumor?
Professor Shen Zhenzhou explained, " more than 95% lobular hyperplasia is a physiological phenomenon. In fact, lobular hyperplasia and not malignant, it becomes malignant tumors of the opportunity is very small ".
Under normal circumstances, each into a female adolescence, breast acinar, gland and fibrous tissue, in every cycle have to undergo proliferation and recovery process of organization change. Professor Shen Zhenzhou reminds everybody, regardless of menstrual periods before or after, if lobular hyperplasia symptoms or locally thickened mass shape, there has been increased, and, on the need for timely to the hospital to check.
Breast cancer patients can pregnancy depending on the circumstances
Have a happy family is every woman's desire. Because breast cancer postoperative pregnancy may cause increased risk of recurrent or metastatic disease, breast cancer patients after pregnancy often need to consider carefully.
Professor Shen Zhenzhou says, breast cancer patients can pregnancy depends. Professor Shen Zhenzhou said, " pathological examination after operation, no axillary lymph node metastasis in women, we propose to her three years later in pregnancy. If the axillary lymph node metastasis, after five years without recurrence, then can also be pregnant. "
For good postoperative recovery of patients with breast cancer, need close follow-up and good communication under the premise,reishi sealand based on the clinician's planning guidance for pregnancy.
Professor Shen Zhenzhou suggested that breast cancer patients after regular follow-up, appropriate physical exercise, diet, don't eat too much fat, avoid eating food containing hormone composition of nutrition and health care products. For postoperative medicine conditioning, Professor Shen Zhenzhou said, in the absence of adverse symptoms of circumstances, is not recommended for long-term use of traditional Chinese medicine.


can prevent cancer early

Cancer though terrible, but it is not to be unable to prevent, unable to treat, actually a third is can prevent cancer early, early one third can be treated,yunzhi reishidab4d56ck to this, jilin province people's hospital treatment of tumor biological center expert points out, "prevent cancer, vigilance pre-cancerous critical" below we to get filled.

The skin and mucous membrane blaze

This is one of the most common pre-cancerous, occurs more often in the face and arm, oral cavity, esophageal, vulvae, vagina, the place such as the cervix. First is mostly white smoke kind of smooth soft spot, to touch without any feeling. Later developed into the mucosal surface of the prominent white or grey Ban point, feels a rough feel. Finally happened surface soiled abscess, thickened basement department is hard.

Vulnerable to friction parts of the pigmented nei

Such as growth in the palm, a foot, neck, the waist of the place such as pigmented nei, etc, to this kind of moles should monitor, the best treatment as soon as possible.

Prolonged fuyu ulcer,Chinese Herbal Product scars and fistula

Especially in the calf happened on the chronic ulcer, traumatic and chemical injury of the ulcer sex, large area burns, burns and frostbite of the scar tissue, long-standing osteomyelitis and n/med tuberculosis sex, fistula, there is the possibility of cancerous.

Intestines and stomach polyps

Polyps can often cause bleeding, illustrates stomach trouble and polyp should surgery, in case of stomach cancer, esophageal, colon cancer tumors.

The above is about "common pre-cancerous" is introduced, hope to help, at the same time, people's hospital of jilin province tumor biological treatment center of experts remind everybody, the key lies in clinical cancer treatment early prevention early found early treatment, the clinical treatment of cancer the best treatment is the biological immune therapy technology is to use the dendritic cells (DC cells) and cell factors inducing killer cells (CIK cells) two cells combination therapy for cancer. DC cell has strong introduced antigen presenting function, can activate and transfer to the body's immune response, long time monitoring, killer tumor cells, prevent cancer cells metastasis and recurrence. CIK cells can directly accurately killer tumor cells,beauty361.com/blog/ and no damage to any normal tissue. Will DC and CIK cells combine, cultivate double cloning immune cells, have more powerful killer tumor cells, improve immune properties. Early cancer through the biological immune therapy is expected to a third cured thoroughly.